tanzenmitstil offers dancing lessons for couples with high demands on teaching methods and results. Dancing, movement should be natural, fitting the music, but especially fitting You, Your personality. Music is interpreted through movement and, at the same time, harmony is created inside the couple. Body awareness ist strengthened, and very often a new approach to partner- and relationship is discovered. "Leading and be led" gains a new quality, meaning for both partners to feel, to give and accept impulses, to answer.

The result is a subtle and, precisely for that reason, compelling appearance on every ball, every social event, for some the foundation of an exclusive hobby for two. And for those who have already discovered the joy of dancing: competent guidance, technique, hints and tricks bring confidence and rhythmic expression.

Besides ordinary dancing lessons (private lessons, tiny groups), tanzenmitstil especially offers various different dancing trips. The idea: compact dancing lessons on an extended weekend or distributed over a week, in pleasant ambience, far from everyday hassle. The themes are diverse: sometimes lessons for beginners, sometimes workshops for Slow Foxtrot or Boogie, sometimes intensive courses for very advanced hobby dancers. Always backed by Maria Koschuch's special approach and the joy of dancing, aligned to the participating couples.