Maria Koschuch (born in 1957 in Graz/Austria) is a certified dancing instructor and dance master. Originally from a completely different line of work (ending almost 40 years in the banking environment on 1.4.2016), over the years her personal passion for dancing has become from vocation to profession. She combines her love for dancing with her passion for teaching.

Her emphases are the classical Ballroom and Latin American dances, with her teaching methods aiming for a correct approach to these dances from the very beginning. By employing the correct technique, the couples are comfortable and: they look good! And through her own intensive passion for dancing, neither fun nor joy fall short.

Furthermore, her personal enthusiasm for Argentine Tango has led to an ever more acute commitment to this dance. Fascinated by its history and the history of its music, its strong mental component and also by the possibilities for physical enhancements of dancing, she has approached it more and more. Amongst her teachers by now are international stars of Argentine Tango, like - among others - Mariono „Chicho“ Frumboli, Graciela González, Osvaldo Ciliento, Graciela Garcia, Alejandra Martinan, Gabriel Missé, Roberto Herrera and Pablo Verón.